The Art of Joe Klucar


Born 1972 in Miami, FL to Jay and Laura Barredo Klucar. He was the American-born son of a Slovak butcher from Ohio and she was the daughter of a Cuban family that immigrated to The United States in the 1960s. They met and married in Miami, FL and raised a son by these two cultures.

During his early childhood Klucar began getting the attention of his family and teachers with his drawings. This positive feedback encouraged him to continue creating and fueled his desire to improve his skills.

One of his first jobs was at Rex Art Supplies in Coral Gables, FL. Initially, his work there was very humbling but, the knowledge he gained from the other artists that frequented there and the store's extensive art book library opened his eyes to possibilities in the world of art.

Graphic Design seemed to be a practical route for young Klucar.

In 1992, his illustration ability landed him a job with Art Directions, Inc. were he worked on accounts for Universal Studios, The Florida Marlins and The Florida Panthers.

By 1994 he began working at Warner Bros. Publications where he moved up the ranks to become an Art Director. It was during this time, that a chance meeting with pop artist Romero Britto would inspire Klucar to bring his art to canvas.

In 1996, Klucar began exhibiting his work at the Kent Hotel and Bash nightclub on South Beach, FL. Since then he has been the official artist of the Riverwalk Blues Festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL and he has participated in many art shows including My Way: A Tribute to the Rat Pack at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, CA.

Today, Klucar lives in Hollywood, Fl with his loving wife Alicia of over 20 years.


Klucar has many art influences from Picasso, Dali, and Modigliani to contemporary artists such as Shag, Mark Ryden, Coop and Skot Olsen. Probably, the most obvious artistic influence is the work of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and the artists of the 1960's Pop Art Movement. Here he relates to the use of pop culture icons, graphic illustrations, and comics.

Television was also a big influence. He often sat in front of the television, drawing his favorite cartoon characters and television personalities. It was also television that introduced him to the work of Ernie Barnes of the sitcom "Good Times". His stylized figures and urban perspective are still an inspiration.

Klucar's biggest influence may be music. Many of his painting stem directly from listening to jazz, funk, blues, lounge and psychedelic rock.


Artist Statement

I hope to always have the courage to allow my art to grow as I explore new ideas, techniques and mediums. My ultimate goal is to remain true to myself as an artist and leave behind a body of work that is considered important, unique and undeniably Klucar.